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Take a screenshot of a page and add a watermark.

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  • Virginia us
  • Ohio us
  • California us
  • Oregon us
  • Dublin ie
  • London gb
  • Frankfurt de
  • Montreal ca
  • Tokyo jp
  • Sydney au
  • São Paulo br
Quick Summary
  • PageSpeed Plus takes a Screenshot of your webpage and overlays with a custom watermark
  • Time and server location are also stamped
  • Enter the URL above and click the button

Add a watermark to screenshots using PageSpeedPlus. This tool provides high-resolution screenshots of webpages, enhanced enhanced with custom watermarks and a UTC timestamp. If you need personalised branding and protection of your web content, look no further.

Watermarked Screenshots can be downloaded or accessed at a later date through your result URL.

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  • Personalized Watermark - Add a custom watermark to screenshots for branding purposes. This helps protect the originality and ownership of the captured content.

  • High-Resolution Screenshots - For maximum clarity, screenshots are stored without compression so they are pixel perfect and easy to review
  • FAQ

    How are screenshots captured?
    We have servers in the locations where screenshots are offered. URLs are visited with Puppeteer which is a headless browser and a screenshot is captured. The watermark text is layered onto the image along with the current UTC timestamp and the location of the server. The image is then stored on AWS S3 and a URL is provided for you to access it.

    Why is UTC used?
    UTC is the global unambiguous time reference and global standard for timekeeping. It removes the possibility of confusion and is the format used by computers.

    What locations are available?
    Virginia, Ohio, California, Oregon, Dublin, London, Frankfurt, Montreal, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo.

    Is location important?
    Websites show different content depending on where they are loaded from. Being able to select the location ensures the page renders exactly as a user would see in that location.

    Is this tool free?
    What you see here is free. Premium users have access to more locations and more screenshots.

    Screenshot Watermark Use Cases

    Brand Protection

    • Intellectual Property - Safeguards digital content by adding identifiable watermarks.
    • Content Ownership - Clearly marks content with your brand to prevent unauthorized use.

    Marketing and Promotion

    • Brand Consistency - Ensures all screenshots used in marketing materials are consistently branded.
    • Visual Identity - Enhances the visual identity of your content across various platforms.

    Client Reports

    • Professional Presentation - Adds a professional touch to reports with branded screenshots.
    • Customizable Appearance - Tailors the look of watermarks to fit the client's branding needs.