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  • Virginia us
  • Ohio us
  • California us
  • Oregon us
  • Dublin ie
  • London gb
  • Frankfurt de
  • Montreal ca
  • Tokyo jp
  • Sydney au
  • São Paulo br
Quick Summary
  • PageSpeed Plus takes a Full Page Screenshot of your webpage in PNG format
  • Enter the URL above and click the button

PageSpeedPlus makes capturing full-page screenshots a breeze. Simply enter the URL and click Capture, and we will generate a high-quality image of the entire webpage, from top to bottom.

This tool is perfect for anyone needing a complete visual record of web content, whether for personal reference, professional documentation, or design inspiration.

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How are screenshots captured?
We have servers in each of the locations where screenshots are offered. On each server, URLs are visited with Puppeteer which is a headless browser and a screenshot is captured. This is then stored on AWS S3 and a URL is provided for you to access it.

What locations are available?
Virginia, Ohio, California, Oregon, Dublin, London, Frankfurt, Montreal, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo

Is this tool free?
What you see here is free. Premium users have access to more locations and more screenshots.

Benefits of Full Page Screenshots

  • Comprehensive Record - Preserve the entire layout and content of a webpage as it appears, ensuring nothing is missed
  • Design and Development - Valuable for designers and developers to review website layouts, ensuring consistent visual standards.
  • Competitive Analysis - Marketers can capture competitor websites for analysis, aiding in strategic planning and benchmarking.
  • Research and Documentation - Ideal for researchers and writers to archive web pages for future reference, maintaining source integrity.
  • Ease of Use - Eliminates the need for multiple screenshots or manual stitching, providing a hassle-free solution for capturing web content.