Screenshot With Timestamp

Screenshot your whole webpage with the current Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) stamped in the top corner.

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  • Virginia us
  • Ohio us
  • California us
  • Oregon us
  • Dublin ie
  • London gb
  • Frankfurt de
  • Montreal ca
  • Tokyo jp
  • Sydney au
  • São Paulo br
Quick Summary
  • PageSpeed Plus takes a Screenshot of your webpage with the current UTC time printed on it
  • The server location is also stamped
  • Enter the URL above and click the button

Capture Webpage Screenshots with precision using PageSpeedPlus. This tool is designed to provide users with high-resolution screenshots of webpages, enhanced with a precise UTC timestamp and the geographical location of the server. It’s essential for anyone needing accurate and verifiable records of web content.

Screenshots can be downloaded or accessed at a later date through your result URL.

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  • High-Resolution Webpage Screenshots - Capture exact visual representations of webpages, ensuring every element on the webpage is preserved in high resolution.

  • UTC Timestamps - Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used to provide an unambiguous time reference. Ideal for audit evidence, academic citations, and research documentation.

  • Server Location Flexibility - Choose the physical location you want the screenshot to be captured from to provide additional context about the origin and jurisdiction of the web content.
  • FAQ

    How are screenshots captured?
    We have servers in each of the locations where screenshots are offered. On each server, URLs are visited with Puppeteer which is a headless browser and a screenshot is captured. The current UTC timestamp and the location of the server is then added in the top left corner. The image is then stored on AWS S3 and a URL is provided for you to access it.

    Why is UTC used?
    UTC is the global unambiguous time reference and global standard for timekeeping. It removes the possibility of confusion and is the format used by computers.

    What locations are available?
    Virginia, Ohio, California, Oregon, Dublin, London, Frankfurt, Montreal, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo

    Is this tool free?
    What you see here is free. Premium users have access to more locations and more screenshots.

    Webpage Screenshot Use Cases

    Evidence for Auditing

    • Compliance Verification - Captures web-based content to verify adherence to regulatory requirements.
    • Integrity Assurance - Provides clear records of webpages for internal and external audits.

    Academic Research

    • Reliable Citations - Preserves webpages with exact access time and server location for verifiable references.
    • Long-Term Archival - Captures webpages that may update or disappear over time.

    Digital Marketing Analysis

    • Competitive Monitoring - Keep track of competitor websites and advertisements that change.
    • Credible Reports - Adds timestamp and server location data for detailed analysis.

    Journalistic Documentation

    • Transparent Reporting - Archives articles and digital content with a clear record of hosting details.
    • Accurate Journalism - Ensures content is accurately represented and time-stamped for future reference.