PageSpeed Plus

Pagespeed Insights, at scale

Page Speed Alerts Summary

Powerful Features

Tools that let you do more than pasting URLs into PageSpeed Insights

Test Dev Sites

Test development sites that are behind HTTP Authentication pop-ups before they get to production.

Weekly Summary Emails

See PageSpeed scores for all your URL's in 20 seconds in one Summary email.

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Test Multiple URL's

Test a list of URL's instead of manually checking one by one.


Receive alerts when one of your vital URL's falls below a threshold.

Central Dashboard

Save time with our central Dashboard to configure and get a deeper view at any moment.

Manage Settings

Configure how often you want emails and what URL's they should include.


Your data is locked up with bullet proof security.

See PageSpeed Score Over Time

View graphs of how your PageSpeed changes over a period of time so you can form ideas about why your SERP posItion changes.

Competitor Comparison

See how your page performs compared to your rivals.

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How It Works

Quick setup with nothing to download or install

Add URL's

Enter a list of of your important URL's

Test With Our Tools

Do the things you wish PageSpeed Insights could do

Configure Notifications

Decide what alerts you want to receive


Answers to common questions.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Everything can be controlled from your dashboard.

How often can I receive a summary?

Daily or weekly. This can be set in the backend.

What is an acceptable score?

Google looks favourably on sites that score 80 and above so we will give a URL a failing status if it falls below this threshold.

My PageSpeed is slow, can you fix it?

Yes, we are experts in Web Performance and can use the data from this tool to see exactly what needs to be fixed.