New Features November 2023

Posted on Nov 20, 2023

Here’s a snapshot of some of the new features we’ve added to PageSpeedPlus lately.


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Monthly Google Sheets

Until now, each website had a single Google Sheet where monitored URL scan data was added. For large sites with hourly scans, the sheets were getting big exceeding the maximum file size.

Now a new sheet is generated for every site every month. This will ensure the sheets load faster, stay within Google limits and recent data is easier to view. 

The existing sheet has been renamed to legacy and a new sheet will be generated on 1st of each month.

Renamed Downloadable Reports

Exports of full site scans are now more appropriately named. Instead of pagespeedplus.csv, they will be called Site name - name such as - 2023-11-20.

This will help manage when you are downloading files in consecutive days.

Support Widget

Contacting support is now easy using the support widget on the left side, which is visible on all pages within the application. Just click that and send us your message.

Show last/next scan time

The time of the last and next scans for monitored URLs is now shown at the top.

CC For Full Site Emails Notifications

The Cc field used for notifications under monitored URLs is also used for full site scans. Any address entered here will be notified when full site scans are complete.

Slack Notifications For Full Site Scans

Not so much a new feature but more of a hidden gem that allows you to receive Slack notifications for full site scans.

It is possible thanks to Slack’s feature where a channel can have an email address. Copy your channel's email into the Cc field and all full site scans, will send a notification to that channel without configuring any webhooks.

Daily Full Site Scans

Due to popular demand, daily full site scans are now possible on our enterprise plan. These run on dedicated queues that all enterprise plans have access to

If you are interested, get in touch using the support widget in the app.

Faster Queues

Scheduled scans are now completing faster because we added more servers and queue workers to process the jobs. Scanning every URL of every site in our system takes a long time so more computing power is the only option. We’ll continue to scale our workers over the coming months.

Public Pages

It is now possible to have a public dashboard that can be accessed without logging in. This is useful for displaying on a team dashboard in an office or sharing with someone who doesn’t have an account. Here is an example public dashboard.

This is an enterprise only feature so to activate, please get in touch. 

At the moment only the dashboard is supported. Depending on feedback we may add more pages in the future.


If there is anything you would like to see added or improved, just get in touch!

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